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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  July 2, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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and the important thing is don't rush. you take your time with everything and you confirm with the other individual what's happened. >> okay. les abend, thank you very much. now this. top of the hour i'm brooke baldwin. you're watching cnn. we're beginning with breaking news we're getting, the first impact of terror attacks on this fourth of july holiday, this british air base used by u.s. forces is canceling its independence day events over security fears. that is coming from the chief public affairs of the 48 fighter wing who says the decision followed a meeting and was, quote, based on the current threat assessment. that was in england. and then we have of course, what happened this morning, frightening moments in washington, d.c.. this was the scene outside of the naval yard this massive show of law enforcement force turned out to be thank goodness a false alarm. but it played out real concerns that a terrorist may strike around the fourth of july.
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law enforcement across the nation had already been on heightened alert with isis calling for acts of violence this holiday. and then around 7:30 this morning, a worker at the navy yard called 911, said she had possibly heard gunshots and then very quickly, the yard went into lockdown. no gunman was found, no shots fired. but what is left behind the same fears and plans to step up security. let me turn now to frank wuco ceo of red mine. frank, great to have you on. welcome. >> thank you, brooke. >> i just want to begin with the tremendous response from law enforcement on all sides this morning swooping in. can you just speak to the sensitivity of counter terror efforts obviously at any given time but ahead of the fourth of july? >> sure brooke. if anything that was a great demonstration of exactly the
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type of response that anybody can expect when there's a terror threat during a heightened time of awareness or a heightened threat level, especially in a major city, especially in washington, d.c. and what you saw there was virtually every level of law enforcement from the local level up to the u.s. marshals and fbi responding in force. it's a good glimpse of what somebody would find facing them if they decided to do something of a terrorist nature in one of our major cities. >> listen we all remember what happened. i was there covering it the shooting in 2013. let me ask you, as a retired naval officer, how has this particular location these positions really -- i don't know altered or improved security procedures from what happened a few years ago? >> quite a bit. you know the navy yard has gone under, from what i understand, extensive security review and enhancement. and just so people know, that entire neighborhood around the
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navy yard has gone through a change in the last several years. it's a much more populated area now just by the general public. so there's a very heightened sense of security there. >> uh-huh. broadening this out, frank, i know officials are telling cnn that the focus right now is encouraging attacks by isis during the fourth of july weekend and this is the holy month of ramadan. is your concern that there could be coordinated attack from you know, someone from isis let's say, or someone, as we say, a lone wolf acting alone inspired by their messaging online? >> absolutely. i would say that any isis commander -- and this is a different group from al qaeda. these are not people who are too concerned with having an impact
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on our economy or on the convenience of american lives. these are people interested in killing us. any isis is going to look for an event where you have large concentrations of americans, westerners gathered in areas on the fourth of july celebrations and provides very prime targets. so people need to be more aware of their surroundings the environment that they know and just extra vigilant. >> frank, thank you so much for joining me. i really appreciate it. >> thank you brooke. and western learning more information about where matt was killed. this photo is graphic. officers were moving in on a likely drunk richard matt after shots were fired into an rv. and as they searched he
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coughed. and by coughing he tipped off police. he refused to put his hands up and then the agent fired three shots into matt's head. casey jordan is joining me she's a criminologist. my goodness, i have a lot. when you see him there lie laying in plain sight. >> they broke into cabins found alcohol and hopefully found some weed. >> if i'm on the run and i want to get the hell out of town, i'm not drinking alcohol.
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>> you hadn't had any in six or eight years. you would be thinking differently. one of his many mistakes was stopping to celebrate. that also explains why david sweat left him behind. >> sure. >> he was slowing him down. let's not forget richard matt had the shotgun. >> i could talk about this all day. the fact that david sweat is talking and he's saying, i was the guy, i was the mastermind, i ditched richard matt, this narcassism that i spoke to investigators about, they are going in on that to get him to keep talking. whether he's telling the truth is a different story. why do you think he's owning this? >> he's bragging because, a, there's no one to contradict him. there's only one story out there and it's his. >> joyce mitchell would disagree on items. >> she's under indictment so she's going to say what she needs to to save herself.
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he won't be going back to clinton. he's a legend now. he wants to be the big man. he wants to be the stuff of fork lower and lore. he's going to be talking a lot of smack in the next few weeks. >> and we know joyce mitchell he's saying i never had any sexual relations. he's saying he didn't but his buddy richard matt did. he's also saying no it wasn't my plan to take out her husband, it was joyce mitchell who wanted to take out of her husband, lyle mitchell where, in fact she's saying no it was the two ill killers who nt waed to stop and kill my husband. what is going on there? >> everyone is trying to save their own butt. her story was, they wouldn't tell me where we were going, we were going to drive for seven hours and i wasn't comfortable with that.
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joyce mitchell in theory should be more credible but not given the aid that she gave these two guys. it's really these two guys for themselves when it comes to the prosecution. i believe that there was a sexual relationship between joyce and these guys because there was no reason for her to help both of the guys unless she was really in love with or felt made special by these guys. >> right. >> the joyce mitchells of this world are the problem. without joyces they never could have done it. >> finally, one killed one caught. what else about this whole thing -- we want to know how it was pulled off. i know they are looking for more power tools that were used. what else about this thing befuddles you? >> this is way more complicated
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than you think. people say, wow, clinton must have been really screwed up. they all are, to a certain extent. but they are doing everything to change. they are putting gates in the catwalk. >> new superintendent. >> and they are cleaning house. accountability comes from the top. i want to tell you that they can check the cells weekly and they can do random bed checks and do all of these things but they are really missing the big point which is that guards and inmates have inappropriate relationships all the time. and there's no accountability for that. so when they start cleaning house and firing cos for inappropriate relationships, female inmates always getting pregnant female guards getting pregnant by male guards. >> one impregnated four women. >> remember susan smith, she was impregnated twice in prison. it's rampant. >> wow. >> the amount of contraband that comes in you know the guy who i am pregnanted those four cos,
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he was making $60,000 a month bringing drugs in. we need to get rid of state mentality and grievances. if you are bad and in an inappropriate relationship with an inmate this needs to go. this doesn't happen in privatize prisons. >> i sense a whole other conversation. i have a feeling we'll be having it. casey jordan, thank you. now, don't miss this. we'll take you inside the very trailer where richard matt hid from authorities. find out what our correspondent gary tuchman found inside. also donald trump triples down on his comments about mexican immigrants. another company cuts ties there. is positive news involving his beauty pageants. i'm brooke baldwin. this is cnn. when you don't get enough sleep... and your body aches... you're not yourself. tylenol® pm relieves pain
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you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. donald trump is under fire and he's not backing down. far from it. after calling mexican migrants rapists, here's what he told don lemon just last night. >> if you look at the statics on rape on crime, on everything, coming illegally into this country, they are mind boggling. if you go to "fusion," you'll see a story about 80% of the women coming in. you'll have to take a look at these stories. and you know who owns "fusion," univision. pick up the stories on rape and it's unbelievable when you look at what is going on. and so all i'm doing is telling the truth. >> i've red "the washington post" and "fusion" and "the
12:16 pm
huffington post." that's about women being raped, not about criminals coming across the border or entering the country. >> somebody is doing the raping don. you know somebody is doing it. women being raped, well, who is doing the raping? who is doing the raping? how can you say such a thing? >> part of the public backlash came from nbc and univision. it will air somewhere else. let me bring in brian stelter. stelter, you up first. we know that there has been this channel with the reelz channel who says they will air miss usa. >> this solves a problem that trump and univision have. the contestants were going to be
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left without it being aired. it's a relatively small channel but if you're watching cnn, you probably have reelz in your channel lineup. the pageant has become a weird situation and the contestants don't want that at all. >> felix, i read your piece about latino spring. what do you mean by that? >> it was a galvanizing moment in which latinos throughout the western hemisphere felt outrage over what has happened as you can see, the reaction has come from mexico central america and latin america. >> well there are specific artists. you're putting videos out, shakira, even ricky martin is yanking his foundation golf
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tournament off of a trump property. that's all happening. you point out in your piece it's the republican presidential candidates who you wanted to hear more from specifically jeb bush with a mexican wife mexican-american kids. what did you wish jeb bush had said? >> you know this is the part that i think is really stunning that you had a tremendous amount to show your support for the latino community by saying zero tolerance to latino bashing and they didn't do it. jeb bush gave a statement that was rather tepid and ted cruz agreed with donald trump's comments. but equally on the democratic side secretary clinton could have been more forceful and could have come out and really knocked him out in a really forceful way. and can you imagine how she would have garnered this incredible support from the latino community in the united states? and, you know we've got to look
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at both parties and we've got to ask why didn't they understand the importance of coming out and defending the latino community from these heinous insults. >> brian stelter, in terms of dollars and cents, do we even know how much with all these companies severing ties how much this means that his organization has lost? >> it's a loss probably more than tens of millions but in the hundreds of millions. the miss usa and miss universe organization together have been valued at $15 million and you add on top of this macy's they are not going to sell trump mattresses there's been various impacts to his bottom line. nothing massive but clearly embarrassing and damage to his reputation. univision today announced they are going to have an ipo and sell stock for the first time. it's going to be valued at many
12:20 pm
billions of dollars, maybe up to 20 billions of dollars. it just goes to speak about the growing power of the hispanic marketplace. that's how we saw felix organize. >> on that point, felix, america fererra said thank you for galvanizing latino americans to go to the polls. a voting bloc that has grown 40% over the last decade. your thoughts on latinos voting for trump and a lesson to the candidates how much power latinos have in this country. >> look we have a $1.5 trillion buying power in the united states. and the impact of this election will be decided in some of the key states like arizona and nevada and colorado and florida. but what is key here is that it's very clear that the presidential candidates do not have a good handle or strategy
12:21 pm
to understand the latino community on the republican side and the democratic side as well. this was a perfect example of how they really could have hit it out of the ballpark and no one did it. >> on both sides. a wake-up call. felix sanchez, thank you so much. >> brian stelter, thank you. >> my pleasure. >> see you sunday morning, my friend. coming up next america's unemployment rate the lowest in six years, which is great. but there's a catch and involves the salaries of the middle class. we'll go through those details with christine romans ahead. also is it safe for beach goers to go swimming this holiday weekend? new shark attacks along the east coast. it has people talking about whether they want to get in the water. you're watching cnn. ♪ the goodness that goes into making a power kale chicken caesar salad is rivaled only, by the goodness felt while eating one. panera. food as it should be.
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unemployment dropped to the lowest level in seven years and
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more than 200,000 jobs were added. but those gains according to experts, are not necessarily because people are finding work. you add to that stagnant low wages remain a sore point. president obama said there is more work to do. >> we've got more work to do because we've got to get folks wages and incomes to keep coming up. we've got to make sure folks feel like their hard work is getting them somewhere. and, let's face it there are a lot of folks who still feel like the playing field is tilted in ways that make it hard for them to get ahead. >> let's go to someone we don't get to see at this hour often, christine romans. things are staying up. >> nice to see you. >> awesome news with regard to the unemployment rate. the lowest in seven years.
12:27 pm
what's going objectn with the wages? >> the president is going to say, look we need to raise the minimum wage. he's going to use these numbers to tout his next two years of the unemployment rate. that's the lowest since april 2008 before the crisis brooke. so these are the lowest unemployment rates since before the crisis. i want to put it into a bigger perspective for you. this trend has been very nice. the unemployment rate is going lower, lower, lower month after month. the wages have been stubborn up 2%. the president wants to have a national increase in the minimum wage. a lot of ceos are telling me that he thinks the wages are going to rise because they are seeing competition for jobs. they need to compete for workers for their jobs now and so they think the wages will eventually start to rise. >> who is hiring? >> that's a good question. we saw business and information services. these are architect computer system designers, engineers, a lot of office jobs some
12:28 pm
temporary work in there but these are higher paid jobs. in health care we saw it in ambulatory services. testing not in an office building there are jobs there, assisted living and home health care. a lot of different jobs along the spectrum of wablgs and retail jobs and bars and restaurants. these wages are starting to rise because the companies have been jacking up their wages about a dollar an hour because they are trying to keep workers. >> good. >> lower pay but a fast growing part of the economy. >> how does this affect our interest rates? >> that's such a good question because if you start to see a job market that continues to including along like this the federal reserve will be able to raise interest rates and that means that mortgage rates will go up. credit card rates will go up. car loans will go up. the actionable information for you folks is please refinance.
12:29 pm
>> we should be grateful that those raises are -- interest rates are rising, i suppose. >> i'd like to see bigger paychecks. >> yeah. >> i would like to see bigger paychecks for everyone. >> hear that everyone? christine romans thank you. appreciate it. next with thousands expected to ithit the beach this upcoming holiday weekend, how safe is it to go in the water? another shark attack off the coast. it's the tenth so far and it's just july. also so much talk about guacamole today, people. it was "the new york times" tweet that sparked a national debate. add in green peas to your guacamole. trust us. this tweet has caused quite the uproar. even president obama and jeb bush are weighing in. we'll talk to the "new york
12:30 pm
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you're watching cnn and i'm brooke baldwin. there's been another shark attack off the coast of north carolina. a 7-foot shark bit this swimmer in his late 60s. this latest incident happening on the outer banks in north carolina on okracoke island. you can see here on our map, ten so far off the coast of the carolinas and it's just the 2nd of july. what's causing this to happen? joining me is shark expert joe romero. joe, you're back. thank you for coming back to the show as we talk about another incident here. with all of your knowledge of sharks why do you think this is
12:35 pm
happening? >> well thanks for having me back brooke. i think it's the spike in water temperatures the migration of the bait fish and sea turtles that have come into the area that's brought in a lot of sharks and the interaction is really high right now around the fourth of july because the sharks are forging the shores. >> a couple of things. i was talking to someone in the last hour. he's referencing a food web, the fact that you have the fish, the turt turtles. are they swimming closer to shore and, therefore, with the increase of swimmers given the fact that it's summer time it's increasing the probability? >> it's the combination of everything together that definitely drove the spike up. the water temperatures have been so increasingly high that the animals have been staying on the outside of that. it makes for a higher percentage of them. >> i thought the last time we were on we were talking about a shark migration. why specifically are they right around north carolina and the
12:36 pm
south carolina coastline? >> it's because that's where the gulf stream is right now. that's where it's the warmest. these tropical sharks have traveled up the coast and sometimes they sit a little further south than they are this year and this year they seem to be a lot more a lot higher. >> they like the warm water? that's why they are there? >> well they don't like the cold these particular species of sharks are not cold water species. >> tell me about the species, how big are they and how big are their teeth? >> it looks like about 7 to 8-foot sharks something like that was biting and releasing on a lot of them. so it's mistaken identities. it just seems to be probably bull sharks sand bar sharks maybe lemon sharks. there are many species of sharks that live off of north carolina that are not harmful to humans at all. >> but when you hear about -- i think of this gentleman in his
12:37 pm
60s was not too far offshore when the shark -- i mean the word i heard when i was talking to the official is that he bumped into the shark and then the shark chomped down multiple times. the fact that they are coming so close to the shore, is that because they are trying to feed? >> well they would be able to drive the fish and the prey along the coastline, which is what predators try to do is back them up into a corner. when they are swimming around looking for the fish they bump into something and bite at it because it's competitive among the sharks that are together. >> ten attacks, i think it's six attacks per year for north and south carolina. we're talking ten and it's just the 2nd of july. do you think there's a point in time where these particular beaches stop people from swimming? because they are not, by the way.
12:38 pm
>> i think they should be very very cautious about the amount of animal life that is in the area this year. it seems like it's a lot higher because of the higher water temperatures. but it also i would advise everybody to be very very careful. >> okay. be very careful, yes. i'm heading into the ocean in a few hours. let me just ask you, is there anything someone should be looking out for, an area someone shouldn't be waiting when you're in the ocean? >> well i think as swimmers you should look for areas that don't have a lot of fish activity that have better visibility. and to try to stay away from fishermen and fishermen to stay away from swimmers and given a healthy space, i think, you know as long as you avoid the nighttime dust and dawn those are all higher potential because it's when the fish are driving and the animals start to use the low light to capture them. so -- >> okay. joe romero, thank you.
12:39 pm
>> thank you. we have details about the final moments of richard matt's life on the run, what he was doing the moment before he was shot and where he was hiding out in the woods. cnn found the trailer. we'll take you inside. >> i don't even know if this door has been opened since this all happened. take a look. we got the new tempur-flex and it's got the spring and bounce of a traditional mattress. you sink into it, but you can still move around. now that i have a tempur-flex, i can finally get a good night's sleep.
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we are getting some news into us here at cnn about the final moments convicted killer richard matt's life and an officer came close to losing his life in those woods in upstate new york. meanwhile, at the prison a changing of the guard. a new warden and new security protocols in place, three top officials and nine staffers were suspended.
12:44 pm
let's go live to jean casarez who is in dannemora, new york. before we get to matt's final days, talk to me about the news you have about the correction officers there. >> reporter: well several things. we know the three executive staff and also that nine security have been put on paid administrative leave. now, a source close to the investigation told me earlier that of the nine security some were correctional officers others were not but they were all staff at various levels. our colleague, deb feyerick has found that one of those on paid administrative leave, within the security detail was the watch commander who was filling in that night for somebody else the night of the escape. also a sergeant that was on duty that night and a female officer who had just transferred to clinton. so at least we know a little bit more about who is on paid administrative leave right now within the security division at clinton.
12:45 pm
>> so there's that then we have the sort of final pieces of richard matt's life how he was shot and killed and also that trailer. >> reporter: and this is brand-new information, brooke because we knew and it was almost a week ago today that the tactical unit of the custom and border patrol they realized something was happening, helicoptered in, started doing a ground search and that's where they found richard matt and there was a shotgun next to him and one of the agents asked him to surrender and he didn't do it. he actually -- matt took the shotgun and aimed it at the agent that was asking him to surrender. and then there were those three shots that killed him in his head. and we do have -- and we want to warn everybody, this is extremely graphic video. but this shows richard matt shortly after he was killed during that episode right there. you can see him in dark green, dark brown clothes. he was found on his side.
12:46 pm
once again, the u.s. customs and border patrol saying that he aimed the gun at the agent that was asking him to surrender. now, minutes before this he was in a trailer and we do have video of that trailer. this is the trailer -- my producer was there -- and she tells me it was not far off the road at all. it was a trailer that nobody had been in for years. an abandoned trailer. you can see the cobwebs and how it hasn't been lived in. this trailer was close to the road. he was in that trailer, law enforcement says when he fired those shots. and it wasn't far from there, the grassy area where u.s. customs and border patrol found him. >> we have a whole sort of tour inside that trailer with our correspondent gary tuchman. go to for that. general casarez, thank you for that in dannemora. coming up donald trump
12:47 pm
unplugged. some of his greatest hits over the last two weeks. also the -- oh boy. the great guacamole debate. should america give peas a chance? listen this is united move. president obama and jeb bush this has become a thing online. we will talk to "the new york times" columnist who sparked this debate with her one recipe perhaps the taste as well to put this debate to a rest. that's coming up. so at gnc, why do we do it? why do we work to deliver clinically studied products to fill the world's nutrition gaps? why do we insist on the most stringent quality checks period? well, here's why... ♪ ♪ celebrating 80 years of quality life and quality products. and we're just getting started. gnc.
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kids are expensive. so i'm always looking to get more for my money. that's why i switched from u-verse to xfinity. they have the most free on demand tv shows and movies on all my devices. it's perfect for me because my kids are costing me a fortune. i'm going to cabo! [ music plays ] don't settle for u-verse. xfinity is perfect for people who want more entertainment for their money. donald trump has been an official candidate for president for all of 16 days t. we already have enough for a little look back. roll it. >> i get such great reviews on this speech. i didn't use teleprompter. i would love to. i would have one here and go
12:52 pm
bah, bah, bah. cnn, they do a poll and it was a nice poll. they had me second which is hard to believe i'm second to bush. bush is not going to get us to the promised land. this is a cnn poll. who is the best on terrorism? trump right at the top. who's the best on handling international trade? trump is like almost double anybody else hribal? who's a nice person? trump is last! >> i want to be a nice person. i've striven all my life to be nice. actually people do like me. >> i go to -- i build a fortune i do the art of the deal and then i watch political pun debts, most of whom are not smart people. they say donald trump is so sad that donald trump is taking the place of some senator, and it's like give me a break, or some governor who can't get himself arrested.
12:53 pm
i'm taking his place. >> now at least you know it's my heart. i raining out here. >> somebody has to tell it like it is. i deal with politicians all my life. i've made a lot of money with politicians, but other than the ones in this room politicians are all talk and no action. our leaders are stupid people. they are incompetent. isis is building a hotel in syria. they're competing against me. >> i love the mexican people. i have a great relationship with mexico. how can i not love people that give me tens of millions for apartments? it's in my blood. i'm smart. great marks, like really smart. if i were a democrat especially if i was a liberal democrat i would be the smartest human being ever. of course there was plenty of time for the primaries to hear even more trump.
12:54 pm
stay tuned for that. in the meantime this is what apparently a lot of you all and we have been talking about here. not to get too 23578 with the president. in case you didn't know. barack obama loves think guacamole. he was frequently declared the appetizer as his favorite snacks. >> chips and guacamole. basic bay if there's a bowl of good chips and guacamole -- >> he loses it. >> i lose my mind. i lose my mind. >> we'll have to do that animation again. so when "new york times" tweeted this tip to add english peas to guacamole, the president would not give peas a chance. so many puns so fun today. listen it's holiday week people. tweeting -- respect the "new york times," but not buying peas in guac. onions garlic hot peppers, classic. that coming straight from the president of the united states.
12:55 pm
with me now, i don't know -- can i say you started this whole thing? this woman, "new york times" food columnist melissa clark. so by the way, this pea recipe has been up -- you wrote about it in 2013. >> two years ago. i don't know why it's taken people so long to notice. >> it was "new york times" tweeting it? >> yeah the main account of the "new york times" sent out a tweet yesterday. it's a holiday week just something in fund. it said put peas in guam motor vehicle, and i think it was the "trust us." people just don't want to be told how to eat their guacamole, so they objected. the internet did not like it. >> the president objected in a rare bit of unity with jeb bush. he tweeted, quote -- you don't put peas in guacamole. so let me just be totally transparent with our viewers. we actually have ann coogan from this restaurant downtown that
12:56 pm
serves this pea guacamole. he is stuck in his car, unfortunately he will not be able to make it because i wanted to taste this stuff. i've heard of ed amame being made to guacamole. >> in terms of the integrity. peas and guacamole works with. vs a new york city recipe that came up with the they're obsessed with seasonal local -- >> kind of a fancy pants restaurant. >> and it's a fancy pants dish let's put that out there. they to the peas would be something different, to push the envelope to try something new. no one is say pea guacamole should replace regular guacamole. it's a classic, but pea guacamole has its points. the peas really sweet. they go with the hot pepper -- >> i'm looking at you, melissa,
12:57 pm
i love "new york times," but i'm like am i really having this conversation about peas and guacamole? we're going to the fourth of july weekend. they love their barbecue and very specific but have there been other recipes that you have put out there that have ignited quite this buzz as this apparently has? this is nuts to me. >> in 2002. >> i wrote about deep-fried twinkies. deep-fried twinkies is part of our american culture. nobody said a word but peas in guacamole, people don't like it. i do understand regular guacamole is delicious, but if someone hadn't put cheese and chii on a hot dog -- do you think achieve a chili cheese dog in germany? no not authentic.
12:58 pm
meatball partnershipm is not authentic. >> we've been making phone calls, hoping top ian on and apparently like the phone -- it's gone gangbusters, people all wanting to go to the restaurant for this guac. >> i think everyone should. it's a delicious dish. if he were here -- go to "new york times" website and look it up and try it. if you don't like it write to us and complain but don't knock it until you try it. >> is there anything else that people have been upset -- i'm a big garlic fan, so i'm all about the garlic and lime. >> garlic is not traditional, even though president obama mentioned it. garlic is not something you would normally find in mexico. you find it here it's delicious in guacamole, but not strictly authentic. for all of his objects to the
12:59 pm
peas it's he's not a purist. here comes ian and the guacamole. >> ian, let's just do this live. come here. we have 60 seconds. >> we're really hungry. >> ian coogan ladies and gentlemen. this is live tv. i'm brooke by the way. >> ian, nice to meet you. >> just speak into my microphone. she started this you made it how did you think of peas? >> we were about to open and it kept getting pushed back and it was clear it would by springtime we thought local, seasonal that would work with avocados, and we liked the taste of it. >> what is it about an english pea? >> it's sweetness, it lightens up the avocado, and i thought it tastes good. >> can we try it? >> hang on i have 30 seconds, then we're going to go to washington and we'll put it on the internet for all of you. finally in my 20 seconds, is
1:00 pm
your phone ringing off the hook? >> not yet. i have seen some tweets a lot of text messages we'll see after this. >> okay. okay. ian coogan melissa clark, thank you so much. you started this you get the blame. i'm about to eat in guac "the lead" starts right now. \s. terror fears cancel a fourth of july celebration. i'm jake tapper this is "the lead." the national lead law enforcement across the nation on alert after a 911 call and washington, d.c. makes everyone expect the worst, now a british air basis used by u.s., cans also -- unleashing their own fireworks. are the nation and installations ready for a possible attack? also richard matt and david sweat survived on the run for